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Skills-set summary of highly qualified professionals available at R&D Innovative Solutions Inc.

1. Material Science (including also development of materials with advanced properties)

2. Organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry (including but not limited to adhesives formulation, chemical reactors, etc)

3. Thin-film chemistry (including but not limited to surface erosion, photo-polymers, and photo-film development processes)

4. Microbiology (including but not limited to environmental and defense microbiology, biological reactors, etc)

5. Bio-Chemistry

6. Environmental protection of water and air resources (instrumentation and process development/optimization, automatic monitoring, neutralization of harmful gases and other substances, etc.)

7. Mechanical Design and Mechanical Engineering (including but not limited to optimization of parts fabrication/fabrication cost reduction)

8. Wafer polishing (including also stack polishing and process automation)

9. Advanced FEA

10. Manufacturing Process Development and New Product Development

11. Reliability (including but not limited to setting a reliability lab, developing reliability testing processes, inspection of optical and semiconductor components and devices, etc)

12. Automation

13. QA (including but not limited to 6-Sigma and Lean methodology, QA process and documentation development, etc)

14. Preparation and approval of grant proposals, including but not limited to IRAP, OCE, etc.

15. Fiber optics

16. Free-space optics

17. Microscopy and light-sources

18. Opto-Mechanics

19. Development of alignment and attachment processes, including also automation

20. Optical and electronic packaging (including but not limited to semi-hermetic and hermetic packaging, hybrid packaging, hi-power packaging, etc)

21. Lasers, including but not limited to tunable lasers and high-power lasers

22. LEDs development and manufacturing, including but not limited to high-power LEDs, UV, NIR, and IR LEDs, thermal management, special packaging, arrays, etc.

23. WDMs, MEMs, OAs

24. Optical instrumentation development

25. Machine vision systems development

26. Sensors development (including also advanced sensor systems, for example EWMD, etc)

27. Electro-optical components and systems

28. Flow cytometry, automatic particle counting systems, turbidity meters, etc

29. Instrumentation development

30. Physics of X-Rays

31. Acoustics, including also ultrasonic phenomenon, process, and instruments, etc.

32. Cryogen Physics (superconductivity matters, thermally cooled, optical devices, etc)

33. Biophysics (including also neuro-conductivity matters, regenerative biophysics, etc)

34. Polymers and metals extrusion processes

35. Software development

36. Mathematical analysis, including but not limited to statistical analysis and analysis automation

37. Project Management

38. Marketing, including but not limited to marketing research, developing marketing strategy, etc.

39. Business Development

40. New technology and products research, development, and commercialization, including also transfer from R&D to a small volume manufacturing, manufacturing high-volume production process development, outsourcing, etc.

41. Intellectual Property matters and patenting services

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