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In April 2008 Department of Physics of Ottawa University elected Dr. Gene (Guenadi) Rabinski to serve as a judge on the yearly Canada-Wide (Federal) Science Fair. Among 12 scientific judges selected from more than total of 300 judges serving the above event, he was chosen to propose and vote for the year-2008’s winner of the special award established by Dr. Michael Smith - a Nobel laureate in chemistry.

Dr. Rabinski is the founder and the President of R&D Innovative Solutions Inc. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Dr. Rabinski said: "... We reviewed a large number of novel projects which were competing for the award. Each of 12 judges, including me, needed to present a project (for the internal judging) which was the best, in the opinion of the presenting judge. Then we voted for the best project to be chosen for the award's nomination. The project I presented and suggested to be the nominee was supported by the large majority of judges and won the award..."

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