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A criminal is trying to simulate our email address as a falsified "sender" when one is sending fraudulent emails to people. We reported this matter to the appropriate law enforcement agency. In the event anybody receives an inappropriate email message with the sender's email address referring to our domain @dgrsolcom, please report such events immediately to your cyber crime law enforcement agency. Thank you for your understanding.



Luke Nikkanen is a talented film maker and sound designer based in NYC, who works under the name Aten Rays. He specializes in experimental visuals, ambient soundscapes, and evocative compositions. Luke's art reflects our scientific efforts towards addressing covid's threats.


Exciting News - 10 years later...

In May 2018 organizers of the Canada-Wide Federal Science Fair elected Dr. Gene (Guenadi) Rabinski to serve as a scientific judge once again, this time performing Senior Scientific Judge duties, leading the team of judges of this event, choosing the most talented scientific projects, and voting for the winners of this great scientific competition.

Areas of business involvement:

Ø♦ Medical Instrumentation

Ø Scientific Instrumentation

Ø Telecommunications

Ø Power generators

Ø Lighting

Ø Environmental protection

Defense systems

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